“Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line” (CD / Limited Digipak)
July 7th 2008

Squeeze me ahead of Line

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01. A Seadog Grotesque
02. The Water Fellow
03. 12 Inches Nose Makes Disco
04. Kaira
05. Makkk
06. Xylan
07. Tisa (feat. Trey Gunn of King Crimson)
08. The Sheep Sheep
09. Super Push


4 young Berliners – without child prodigy background, without jazz education, without fashion understanding, without stylists, without industry in the nape – casually outshining every progressive band, fooling every rock group, lapping every electro-guru unintentionally and besides having the ability to entertain entire Las Vegas… unwashed and without fresh panties.

Music of the 21st century…
For The Season Standard it would be easy to blast us away completely with an album as a consequent continuation of their 2006 EP “Caudle Cameo”. An EP that showed a high portion of new school hardcore in combination with a jazzy weird form of funk and couldn’t deny a certain proximity to The Dillinger Escape Plan and Jaga Jazzist. Now for all those fans, who longed for such a continuation, a gingerbread-middlefinger.

“Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line”, an album produced in Berlin (Markus Reuter), Hanover (Fabio Trentini) and Scotland (Denis Blackham), pulsates and runs perpetually in tremendous dynamics. Every instrument is on an internal hunt. Every component leaves tracks. Every element is in bright excitement.

The most idiosyncratic way to blow up a ballroom.

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