Free Online Compilation / MP3-Labelsampler

Fellas, we know nobody buys records. But you should at least listen to some good music, right?

We offer a brandnew label-compilation for free via Mediafire!

It’s called “If you wanna dance like a man, clap your hands and die!” (A degenerate online compilation for the generation 2.0) and features tracks of Don Vito, Capillary Action, Dead Western, Pavilion Land, Schnaak, Gnarled Bikers, Osis Krull, Dyse, The Season Standard, Zarboth, Tarentatec and The Zonnhaider’s Club. The tracks are completely different ones than those of our CD-labelsampler “Freedom to Chaos” (2009).


Enjoy the music, burn it, feed your ipods and tell your friends…
but don’t forget: You can buy music, if you like it. And it’s much better to listen to some good old vinyl than to indulge in this crappy mp3-zombie-sound.

Contradictions as we like it!

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