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Hey people!

Since I promised to provide proper reasons for the death/hiatus of Discorporate Records (as we know it), I realized… I never did it. Sorry for that. And because I don’t want to write another novel about it, here’s an edited excerpt of an email I wrote to a band some days ago, that probably gives a little insight about how things developed…

“[…] I called it hiatus some months ago because of various reasons… neither because of money problems nor notorious failure (although continious self-exploitation is a big factor here)… on one side I didn’t see myself staring at a computer 12 hours a day anymore or run after an industry-ideal by becoming Pitchfork-darlings, on the other hand I didn’t want our sensitive collective to be destroyed by an over-/under-organized (but also abstruse and vain) sullen control-freak (= me). I’m not a visionary, in the truest sense of the word. Our little world is hidden by so many codes and very hard to be transcended into the world of media and conservation. Our bands are free minds, naive and deficient in a wonderful way and I couldn’t find a key to make this a business – besides that, the genre which we are known for (noise, do-or-die-experimental) is not necessarily the music I listen to anymore. Bottom line: I didn’t want us to become cynical and find ourselves in 20 years with jeans-jackets doing the same things all over again and sucking our own blood. Blablablabla… […]
So, right now I’m ‘working’ for a German hip-hop-label, doing little PR and soon some A&R… most of time I’m working in a music-club or I’m on the road with various bands, doing lights. Somehow enjoying to be a service provider… and most importantly… being able to be friends with our musicians without having to talk about music, business and who’s fault it is that we’re not entering the billboard charts. There are still some bands on Discorporate that I told I wouldn’t let them down, if they want to release a record (as long as they don’t feel the need to become famous or rich, because that’s not what I’m here for)… […]”

Enjoy this very nice summer… and see you on the road!