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SchnAAk’s masterpiece “Wake up Colossus” is now to be heard entirely at their Bandcamp. Feel free to purchase the CD or LP though. Check: wakeupcolossus.bandcamp.com

“Wake up Colossus” is now out since a month and SchnAAk already have plans for the future. The two are about to record an EP, which will be out in autumn on TAPE and DOWNLOAD exclusively. The release of that EP will be followed by a little tour in late September/October.

This tour will be the last you’ll see from SchnAAk in the foreseeable future, since Mathias will leave old Europe for a one-year-stay in Namibia (Africa). Needless to say that Mathias and SchnAAk will do music down there, so they won’t disappear from the face of this planet and they’ll definitely be touring next year too. Mathias will come through the alps with an army of elephants – at least that’s the plan.

Next SchnAAk shows:

Jun27 – Heidelberg (DE) – Karlstorbahnhof [w/ Deerhoof]
Jul02 – Laerz (DE) – Fusion Festival
Sep18 – Tilburg (NL) – Incubate Festival