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Aug 24th 2012 | DISREC20 | CD/DL


01 Det Är Nyar, Jävlar
02 I Roll With Creflo
03 Sex Varnish
04 French Erotique
05 Fluorescent Spots / Holiday Car
06 Dr. Life

“Their noisy, jazzy, punk rock would feel at home alongside Lightning Bolt” Brooklyn Vegan

“Although executed in precise, deafening and in slow-motion-like telluric movements, Staer reveal a harsh seething frenzy. The earth shakes” Heavy Mental

Staer is a young Norwegian band that first spread its counter-cultural wings in 2010, and has since been hailed by various noise acts both locally and internationally. This thundering three-piece from Stavanger has an old school instrumentation of drums, bass and guitar, but sounds refreshingly new, exciting and forward-thinking.

The incredible Viking kids Thore Warland (drums), Markus Hagen (bass) and Kristoffer Riis (guitar) kick out some monstrous future rock that comes across as pure, wild and energetic as one could imagine. All composing that takes place in Staer is a collective labor, and the young flock definitely already knows how creating music can become an orgiastic mind-enhancing experience for both, musician and listener.

Staer’s Happy Meal is comprised of 100% distorted, octave-pitched meat patty, two piercing blastbeat high-gluten buns and fresh saladcore. Choose between high-fat ring modulator and cold filtered noise.

This debut album has been produced in Duper Studio (Röyksopp, Kings of Convenience, MoHa!, Ultralyd etc.) with Jørgen Træen and is going to be released through Gaffer (12” vinyl) and Discorporate Records (CD + limited special wooden box). 40 minutes that insist to blast your stereo.


Written and performed by Staer
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by
Jørgen Træen live to tape at
Duper Studios in Bergen (Norway)
Vinyl available at Gaffer Records