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DON VITO confirmed for BLISSTRAIN 2010!!!

As the Austrian superband BULBUL sadly had to cancel their participation on this year’s BLISSTRAIN (The Exile On Mainstream Roadshow), we’re happy to deliver a stunning “substitute”. Apart from the Dresden-show, which will feature another surprising Plan-B-Highlight, DON VITO will play all shows:

06.03. Potsdam, Fabrik
07.03. Cologne, Underground
08.03. Jena, Kassablanca
09.03. Nürnberg, MUZ
10.03. Berlin, Lido
11.03. Hamburg, Hafenklang
12.03. Leipzig, Conne Island
13.03. Dresden, Beatpol (without Don Vito / with Schnaak & Osis Krull)

The infamous BLISSTRAIN will bring the following bands to the clubs: DŸSE, STINKING LIZAVETA, WIVE, THE ANTIKAROSHI and… DON VITO!!!

The last show in DRESDEN (Beatpol) on March 13th will be a special night. EXILE vs DISCORPORATE!!! Musicians of Schnaak, Osis Krull and Tarentatec will kill the shitty EOM-bands with their talents… apart from that we own at least 33% of DYSE, which will be an extra bonus.

More infos:

DŸSE: “Treppe” (Official video)

Our dear friend MUREIS has done a great music video for the song “Treppe” of DŸSE (from their latest EOM-record “Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution). Watch it on Vimeo!
MUREIS also filmed the whole show of DŸSE and SCHNAAK at Kassablanca in Jena (December 5th 2009), which will be featured on the new Discorporate-release of DŸSE (5″+DVD “Metall” scheduled for autumn 2010).

DEAD WESTERN: “Not Really Here At All” (Official video)

“not really here at all” by Dead Western from Shane Skogberg on Vimeo.
“not really here at all” by Dead Western from Shane Skogberg on Vimeo.
Honey, I think you’re losing your mind.
Honey, you seem to do this every time
I go away.
How could I stay
when I’m not really here at all?
our time is creeping into
creeping me out.
The hours are turning into
something of a ticking time-bomb.
But then the feelings of the world
just fade away
and I am floating here
full of love for you,
my dearest friend.
Crazy am I who can’t get over time.
With a woman sweet and kind
I need only rest my mind
and the love we hold between us
Into the space around the places
we remain.
And there are others
full of love
who radiate.
We will fill the air
content in calm and grace
as we sing to those who complicate:
“Please, keep your weapons out of space!
Please, throw your weapons in the garbage can!”
You can find me in the summer sky.



Our twin-bands TARENTATEC and OSIS KRULL grab the mighty Marbach-youngsters MUKRA to play a couple of shows to praise the winter and to worship the most amazing genre of the 90s. Here are the dates for the EURODANCE TOUR:

28.01.2010 GER Erfurt, Intercrime Studios
29.01.2010 GER Ilmenau, Café Bohne
30.01.2010 GER Bayreuth, Glashaus
31.01.2010 GER Würzburg, Bechtolsheimer Hof
01.02.2010 GER Nürnberg, Kunstverein
04.02.2010 GER Stuttgart, Kap Tormentoso
05.02.2010 CH Basel, Villa Rosenau
06.02.2010 CH Bremgarten, Kuzeb
09.02.2010 A Linz, Cafe Strom
10.02.2010 A Graz, Postgarage
11.02.2010 A Vienna, Fluc
12.02.2010 SLO Murska Sobota, Mikk
13.02.2010 SLO Potojna, Mladinsky Center
16.02.2010 CZ Ostrava, tba
17.02.2010 CZ Brno, Jolanda
18.02.2010 CZ Prague, Chapeau Rouge
19.02.2010 CZ Budweis, Velbloud
20.02.2010 GER Dresden, Ostpol
23.02.2010 GER Chemnitz, Karl-Immermanstraße
25.02.2010 GER Berlin, Ausland
26.02.2010 GER Halle, Huehnermanhattan