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DEAD WESTERN: Live footage of last EU tour

Za! are… Za!

One day after Za! played the Zappanale Festival at the Baltic Sea they were flying to Barcelona without sleep, totally wasted, to play THAT show:

Here are the rest of the 5 clips made by “La Respuesta es 42″ at this lovely open air in Barcelona:

Casamance #2
Johny El Gordo
Mobutu #2: Katanga Boma Ye

They spoke fake German that show… and we think they are pretty fucking fantastic!

Za!’s Space


The never-ending story… with Shield Your Eyes (UK). Awesome!

Nov 16 – BE Brussels @ RTT
Nov 18 – UK Guildford @ The Boilderroom
Nov 19 – UK Stoke On Trent @ White Star
Nov 20 – UK Leeds @ Royal Park Cellars
Nov 21 – UK Liverpool @ Caledonia
Nov 22 – UK Manchester @ My Place
Nov 23 – UK London @ Old Blue Last
Nov 25 – UK Bristol @ Mother’s Ruin
Nov 26 – UK Brighton @ The Hydrant
Nov 27 – UK Bletchley @ Windmill Hill Gold Course
Nov 29 – FR Amiens @ Le Grand Wazoo

DON VITO’s Space

SPRINGBLAST 2011 – Tours & Releases galore

First half of 2011 is going to be rad.
We can almost feel the sunrays – running naked through the woods in our heads…

Za! – Megaflow (March)
Capillary Action – Capsized (April)
Schnaak – tba (May)
broken.heart.collector – tba (October)
Dead Western – tba (end of the year)

Schnaak (April-June)
Dead Western (May)
Za! (May)
Capillary Action (May/June)

All bands will tell you on a stage how Discorporate may save your soul… in BERLIN and BARCELONA in May 2011.