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New tunes in the Zonnhaider-galaxy

There are two new songs on the MySpace of The Zonnhaider’s Club, “The Bird that sings so ugly” and “The Well” are taken from 1910, a session of recordings only with Martin and Maria, to be released on Tape (!) some fine day.
The Zonnhaider’s Club on MySpace

Pavilion Land, the solo-project of Martin Ketelhut, also has two new songs available to be listened. Very very beautiful indeed.
Pavilion Land on MySpace

And here again, watch the fine video for
“The Garden Around” by Pavilion Land



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ZA! are two multi-instrumentalist polymaths from Catalonia. This crazy supersonic-orchestra combines African beats, noise, math rock, vocal-loops, free jazz, analogue electronics, sounds from the shepherds of Tuva, Balinese polyrhythms, Mauritanian trip hop, Dadaism, distortion, dance and drones – “Post Worldmusic” may be the name of this danceable hybrid.

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For BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR five champions of undefined paths join forces, having found what was meant to be found – each other:
Slovenian vocal artist and bass flutist Maja Osojnik, Bass clarinetist Susanna Gartmayer known from the manifold domestic improvisation scene, and there is also Bulbul – the Austrian superband, for years utilizing the classic rock line-up and pushing it beyond its boundaries. Broken.Heart.Collector is an intoxicating stream of lava, guides along The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, unnoticably passing owls whistling ‘good-night’s’ and wobbling shadowrealms
dragging into disco beats.

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DEAD WESTERN is Troy Mighty, who demands to live. Dead Western is the soundtrack to your fever dreams. Songs that sound like they have been here for hundred years, music you can hide within and brave the world outside. And you might need to climb in a wooden horse to get to the heart of this Dead Western.

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Two tip-toe sounds from afar in the dark, the two that call themselves SchnAAk. They make fire from amplifiers. They know how to do that, cause they are smart… and they cook human flesh over it, nicely. SchnAAk has lived up and loves weird hip-hop beats, electronic mind-expansion and stylish African rhythms, though still working deep down in a factory of cosmic noise. But adjusting their machines nicely to sing along.

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New York

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BUKE AND GASE are Brooklyn-based two-piece Arone Dyer on the “buke” (a self-modified sixstring baritone ukulele) and Aron Sanchez on the “gase” (a guitar-bass hybrid of his own creation). Both of them play double duty mobilizing a small army of foot percussion. These instruments are then filtered through various pedals, amplifiers and other homemade inventions to create a surprisingly complex sound. Arone’s supermelodic vocal lines weave through the beautiful yet sometimes unwieldy musical matter, balancing light and dark, calamity and control.

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DON VITO – advanced noise creators and one of the neatest outfits there are. Hardly anyone in that genre has accomplished a tighter match of two antagonisms – chaos and structure. Don Vito is a monstrous maelstrom from Eastern Germany, pushing the concept of Noise to a new level of forcefulness, at times very danceable. Their latest record IV is a brute piece of greatness.

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DON VITO on tour

The action-packed threepiece from Leipzig do what they do best… going on tour forever! Together with Hexenbrutal from Slovenia they head to Czechland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and back to Germany… in less than a month! Oh my…

24.09.2010 GER Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ Action Beat)
25.09.2010 CZ Hradec Kralove, La Putika
26.09.2010 CZ Opava, Jam
27.09.2010 AUT Vienna, Fluc (w/ Melt-Banana)
28.09.2010 HUN Budapest, Szabad az A
29.09.2010 SER Temerin, Private Place
30.09.2010 RO Timisoara, Atelier DIY
01.10.2010 RO Cluj-Napoca, La Gazette
02.10.2010 RO Bucharest, Underworld
03.10.2010 BUL Plovdiv, Nylona
05.10.2010 TUR Istanbul, Peyote
06.10.2010 GRE Thessaloniki, Apuramoria
07.10.2010 MAC Skopje, La Kanja
08.10.2010 MAC Kumanovo, tba
09.10.2010 SER Belgrad, Zica
10.10.2010 BOS Sarajevo, Fis Kultura
12.10.2010 CRO Rijeka, Place
13.10.2010 CRO Zagreb, AKC Medika
14.10.2010 SLO Ljubljana, Gromka
15.10.2010 SLO Novo Mesto, Sokolski Dom
16.10.2010 SLO Murska Sobota, Mikk
17.10.2010 AUT Graz, Postgarage
23.10.2010 GER Potsdam, Black Fleck

Godspeed, Don Vito! Blow some minds.

Needless to say that Don Vito go on UK-tour few days after that trip…




STAER’s Happy Meal is comprised of 100% distorted, octave-pitched meat patty, two piercing blastbeat high-gluten buns & fresh saladcore . Choose between high-fat ringmodulator or cold filtered noise.

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Rising from hypnotic sessions, a motley collection of different song structures evolves. In the diverting to epic songs of Tarentatec you can find elements of postpunk, noise and jazz, which they interweave intuitively anew. The trio oscillates between widescreen sound and minimalism, instrumental short stories and dry rock’n’rolling, snapshot and steamroller. Musical patterns are being reflected by all members – own ways within rock music are being explored. Besides, the way of Tarentatec, if there is any direction, is always a tightrope walk between convention and the unreserved search for freedom. Tarentatec recently amazes people with their anarchic Zappa-Freakout-Set “Aufrichtiges Zappa”.

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Gnarled Bikers do not take part in any social media





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SCHNAAK on tour in Europe

There might be some Afronoise-Tohuwabohu in your town! Schnaak, our little larvenverein with two of the most talented freaks around on their toys, will hit the road with the US-formation Lagomasino/Fishkin (feat. Ricardo Lagomasino of Capillary Action, Fugazi’s Joe Lally and Many Arms).

What do they say? whatthehelliszoukbutismustbethat-guitar-drums-percussion-effects-industrial-hiphop-noise-rhythm-bucket-smasher-sharp-voodoo-chant vs. practicerefusing-highlycharged-sax-drums-explosion-particleaccelerator-collision-duo. Alright, we’re in!

Presented by Eine Welt aus Hack and Gaylord Schopping

17.09. GER Berlin, Altes Finanzamt Neukölln
18.09. GER Ilmenau, Baracke
19.09. GER Erfurt, Woodstock Recordstore
20.09. GER Jena, Ali Alster
21.09. GER Würzburg, Immerhin
22.09. CH Basel, Purple Park
23.09. GER Freiburg, White Rabbit
24.09. GER München, Kafe Kult
25.09. CZ Cesky Tesin, Klub Ibiza
26.09. CZ Prague, K4
27.09. CZ Bruntal, Africa Pup
28.09. CZ Hradec Kralove, Prostor Pro
29.09. CZ Brno, Muzejka Club
30.09. AUT Vienna, Fluc
01.10. SLO Murska Sobota, Mikk
02.10. HR Zabok, Club Regenerator
04.10. IT Rom, Sinister Noise
05.10. IT Turin, tba
06.10. SLO Ljubljana, Jalla Jalla
07.10. CZ Budweis, Velbloud
08.10. CZ Kolin, Holoubnik
09.10. GER Halle/S., Reil78
10.10. GER Dresden, Az Conni (w/ Action Beat, Trip Fontaine, Raupe & Future Fluxus)

Watch out, Schnaak have sweet merch on the road, including a brandnew tape (!), bags and new shirts. And Josen has short hair, which is remarkable.

Welcome aboard: ZA!

Tata! Boom! Crash! ZA! from Barcelona, Spain! Two multi-instrumentalist polymaths. Describing what they do is a pretty tough thing – their own term “post worldmusic” might fit the best as they combine afrobeat, jazz, noise, oriental, krautrock, folk, electro-acoustics, improvisation and dance to a spanking orgy. This music is made for the stages and magic moments of social gatherings, but if you hear their latest effort “Macumba o Muerte” (Acuarela) on the other side you will be amazed how much sense this makes on recordings as well.

Expect the re-release of “Macumba o Muerte” on vinyl and a new longplayer in 2011.

Say Hi to Edu and Pau and watch this.

Welcome aboard: broken.heart.collector

broken.heart.collector is the project of the Austrian superband BULBUL, clarinetist Susanna Gartmayer and Slovenian artist/singer Maja Osojnik.

We have a full-length-supersecret record lying on our desks and spinning endlessly in our hifi and we tell you… spacious and wide pro-anti-compositions of brusque elegance – artful, rough, industrial, gaudy, emotional and cynical, but with the perfect dose of sparkling eruptions that we know and love from BULBUL, plus the haunting and dark timbre of Maja, who tells severe and less severe sad, brutal, gloomy, seldom geographical, unreliable, no, this cannot be true, short stories.

You can order their debut 7” at Rock Is Hell Records and expect a release on New Years Eve, or so.

Hi Maja, Susanna, Fredl, Derhunt and DDKern!