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“Megaflow” (Double LP)
March 25th 2011 – DISREC15


-Vinyl Alpha-
01 Calonge Terrassa, Kalon-jah! Tewra-ssah!
02 Nanavividedeñaña
03 PachaMadreTierraWah! #1
04 PachaMadreTierraWah! #2: Da Remix
05 Mesoflow
-Vinyl Omega-

06 Megaflow #1
07 Megaflow #2: MegaSLOW
08 Bomboklat #1: Da gyelda
09 Bomboklat #2: Egli na bomboklat
10 Casamance Un : Voyage (…)
11 Casamance Deux : (…) Gekko
12 Casamance Trois : (…) télépathiquement (…)
13 Exaflow


A traveling circus from Barcelona. Two guys and a dozen instruments.

ZA! are: Papa Dupau (guitar, trumpet, kalimba, perc, voc) and Spazzfrica Ehd (dr, perc, keys, fx, clarinet, voc). This multilayer supersonic-orchestra combines African beats, noise, math rock, vocal-loops, free jazz, analogue electronics, sounds from the shepherds of Tuva, Balinese polyrhythms, Mauritanian trip hop, Dadaism, distortion, dance and drones – “Post Worldmusic” may be the name of this danceable hybrid. ZA! – that means countless shows on the highest energetic level, including international festivals (SXSW, Primavera Sound, Sonar Festival), art performances, tours in UK, USA, Spain, Portugal and Germany. They played with noisebands (Lightning Bolt, ZU, Yellow Swans), rockbands (El Guincho, Delorean, Agent Robbons, Mark Eitzel) or freejazz artists (Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen Love), because they love sharing stages with other musicians and creating new music altogether. PAPA DUPAU and SPAZZFRICA EHD have performed improvised and unique shows along with DAMO SUZUKI (Can), Angel Deradoorian (DIRTY PROJECTORS), Les Aus or Nisei. When the audience didn’t stare stunned at the stage or had their faces clenched in joy, they just danced. Live the ZA!-protagonists are connected through their music, they become one body. The physical is neither surface nor underground – it is scope, structure and instrument. A perfect balance between control of gestures and uncontrolled emotions.
The two Catalans have released two albums so far – their last genre blending record “Macumba o Muerte” (Acuarela) was rated as one of the best albums of the century by ROCKDELUX, the main Spanish indie magazine, and was awarded by the “Spanish Independent Label Union”. ZA!’s third album MEGAFLOW will be released by DISCORPORATE RECORDS, Acuarela and Gandula.
MEGAFLOW, that is subnormal energy on two vinyls with amazing artwork (each song has a miniature landscape as a map). A whirlwind of colors. Virtuosic euphoria. Living intuition. Musical explosion. Coltrane, Africa, Asia, Fugazi, Tortoise, Ruins, Stravinsky, Battles… or in this weird package just ZA!

KAYO DOT on tour!

KAYO DOT (New York, Hydrahead) is one of the leading avantgarde-bands of this planet. They will come on tour in Europe the next weeks.

What do these news have to do with Discorporate?
Well, our little JOSEN (drummer of such bands like Schnaak, Tarentatec or Osis Krull) plays the drums in that band on this tour. Which is awesome, if you ask us. Besides that our little brothers and sisters of EINE WELT AUS HACK have booked parts of this nicelooking tour. Don’t miss this tremendous ensemble while they hit your town.

26Jan: CZ, Praha @ K4 Students Club
27Jan: PL, Warsaw @ Powikszenie
28Jan: PL, Wroclav @ Firlej
29Jan: PL, Krakow @ Klub Re
30Jan: SK, Kosice @ Tabacka
31Jan: SK, Zilina @ Stanica
01Feb: HU, Szeged @ garabonczias
02Feb: AT, Vienna @ Rhiz
03Feb: SL, Ljubljana @ Channel0
04Feb: SR, Belgrade @ Akademija
05Feb: CR, Zagreb @ Kset
06Feb: AT, Linz @ Stadtwerkstatt
07Feb: DE, Wurzburg @ Cafe Cairo
08Feb: DE, Dresden @ Beatpol
09Feb: DE, Leipzig @ Conne Island
10Feb: DE, Jena @ Kassablanca
11Feb: DE, Darmstadt @ Oettinger Villa
12Feb: BL, Brussels @ Magasin 4
13Feb: UK, Brighton @Hector’s House
14Feb: UK, Bristol @ tba
15Feb: UK, London @ Vortex
16Feb: UK, Birmingham @ Hare and Hounds
17Feb: UK, Manchester @ Islington Mill
18Feb: UK, Leeds @ The Well
19Feb: BL, Liege @ Carlo Levi
20Feb: DE, Berlin @ Levee


Apart from the regular sites such as MySpace (R.I.P.) and Facebbok, we started taking a look at others too.

For those of you, who like free downloads and don’t like the sheer joy of having a CD or VINYL in their hands. For those of you who don’t give a damn how bands or labels should survive in the future… we made it easier:

This page will be a central point for FREE DOWNLOADS and digital versions of our records that have no digital distribution. So far you can find our two labelsampler there FOR FREE, as well as the debut-EP of SCHNAAK and an EXCLUSIVE 25-track-chronology of THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB. Other records and rare stuff available soon.

Stream and download songs in good quality without stupid advertisements or too much bells and whistles.

FREE SONG: Nanavividedeñaña

Here’s Nanavividedeñaña,
the first appetizer of the forthcoming record of ZA! “MEGAFLOW”



Out March 25th 2011 on CD and luxury Double-Vinyl
On Discorporate, Gandula and Acuarela
Recorded by Santi Garcia / Mastered by Jeff Lipton

Watch the MEGAFLOW-teaser:

“Suckle at the Supple Teats of Time”
[Special Edition]

We finally decided to offer the new Dead Western record “Suckle at the Supple Teats of Time” as DOWNLOAD. We added the whole 7-track-touronly-EP to it as a gift. You get it here:


Troy Mighty comes back to Europe in May by the way!!!