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A note – PAYPAL

For all you beautiful people who order things in our store here, please take this to heart:

Try to avoid using PAYPAL as a payment method. We don’t want to support this dubious company.

Yes, it’s because of Wikileaks. It’s your choice though. We still have the option of paying by PAYPAL but our advise is to use alternative methods.

Thank you.

Rokko’s Adventures #8

Quit your “Rolling Stone”-subscription! Read “Rokko’s Adventures”!
The new issue available in our store.

Extratarentical Zappa-Freakout in Portugal

Hey, billions of Discorporate fans in Portugal!!!

The Zappa-Freakout version of our dearest noiserock-heroes TARENTATEC will play a special set for “Zappanoia Associação” @ Katakumbas do Lyceu Camões in LISBON December 11th 2010. We hope you know that they COULD bring you to tears with their energy (we recommend asking Mr. YouTube)…

It’s all up to you, billions of Discorporate fans in Portugal.