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17/06 GER Berlin, Schokoladen
18/06 GER Potsdam, Kuze (w/ Bombee, Conny Ochs)
19/06 GER Mannheim, Der Bock (w/ Bombee, Conny Ochs)
20/06 GER Leipzig, Conne Island (w/ Bombee, Conny Ochs)
21/06 GER Dresden, Sweetwater Recordstore (w/ Conny Ochs)
22/06 CZ Brno, Stara Radnice (w/ Kvety, Conny Ochs)
23/06 AT Vienna, Rhiz (w/ Conny Ochs)
24/06 AT Graz, Postgarage (w/ Conny Ochs)
26/06 CRO Zabok, Zelena Dvorana (w/ Conny Ochs)
28/06 IT Trieste, Radio Fragola
28/06 IT Mestre / Venice, Villa Franchin
29/06 IT Finale Emilia, Persicello Mansion
30/06 IT Roma, Sinister Noise
01/07 IT Busto Arsizio / Milan, Migrando la Bottega
02/07 IT Turin, On a roof
03/07 AT Innsbruck, Essbar
04/07 GER Nürnberg, Babylon
05/07 GER Munich, Echt Optimal Records (w/ Combine Harvester)
06/07 CH Basel, Off
07/07 FR Guebwiller, Tee Bee A
08/07 FR Souspierre, Festival Xanadou @ Le Bled
09/07 FR Marseille, House Show
10/07 ES Barcelona, Kasal de Joves de Roquetes
11/07 ES Barcelona, Radio Bronka
12/07 FR Mornac sur Seudre, At a Church
13/07 FR Nantes, Violon Dingue
14/07 FR Paris, Les Pères Populaires
15/07 BE Tournai, Al’Chouette
16/07 NL Amsterdam, Pest house
17/07 GER Kassel, A.R.M. & Lolita Bar
18/07 GER Münster, Fachwerk Gievenbeck (w/ Raketensommer)
19/07 GER Wuppertal, Beatz & Kekse
20/07 GER Osnabrück, Big Buttinsky
21/07 GER Köln, King Georg
22/07 GER Frankfurt, Ponyhof
24/07 GER Erfurt, Woodstock Recordstore
25/07 GER Hamburg, Hafenklang
26/07 GER Rostock, Café Momo
27/07 GER Halle/S., Hühnermanhattan (w/ Conny Ochs, Gnarled Bikers)
28/07 GER Dresden, Ostpol (w/ Gnarled Bikers)
29/07 GER Berlin, Freudenreich

Be there… check for updates: DEAD WESTERN

Free Online Compilation / MP3-Labelsampler

Fellas, we know nobody buys records. But you should at least listen to some good music, right?

We offer a brandnew label-compilation for free via Mediafire!

It’s called “If you wanna dance like a man, clap your hands and die!” (A degenerate online compilation for the generation 2.0) and features tracks of Don Vito, Capillary Action, Dead Western, Pavilion Land, Schnaak, Gnarled Bikers, Osis Krull, Dyse, The Season Standard, Zarboth, Tarentatec and The Zonnhaider’s Club. The tracks are completely different ones than those of our CD-labelsampler “Freedom to Chaos” (2009).


Enjoy the music, burn it, feed your ipods and tell your friends…
but don’t forget: You can buy music, if you like it. And it’s much better to listen to some good old vinyl than to indulge in this crappy mp3-zombie-sound.

Contradictions as we like it!