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THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB – The Forthcoming Spring (Release 22.06.07)

In their top-secret research laboratories our bands are extremely drudging and experience exciting times. Thus THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB will let out his long-desired official first work on the army crowd of fans. The Forthcoming Spring is going to be released on 22.06.2007. For the moment it will be exclusively available in our shop and at concerts of THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB. We don’t have to tell you, how fantastic, gentle and simply wonderful this album is, or do we? You can get some audio-impressions at the MySpaceMusic site . It would be extraordinarily nice if in these sombre times of Winamp-Playlists, Nero-Burners and Audiograbber a few more people were found who are willing to get an original CD (these round things that you put in a player device intended for it, so that there music comes out) which will grant the artist’s daily bread. While in the studio THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB is already an impressive two-man-orchestra, there will be support in ways of an impulsive rhythm faction by the fabulous Dupone brothers (c: bass, guitar, vocals / j: drums, utz, atz, otz) for the first concerts in spring. THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB Band will focus live a little more on dynamism and grooving. We will stay curious.

THE SEASON STANDARD: Multi-Tasking Aphex Timberlakes

Also THE SEASON STANDARD are just extreme pottering. Their excellent 2006’s EP already produced big waves and was quite an amazement in the scene – now these four Berlin citizens by choice go one step further and tinker on their new absolutely stunning songs. They want to present these new tunes to the crowd for the first time live in April / May and we already got to say: “Oh my goodness! Wow!” …not that you say we would not have warned you.
Besides, the hip TSSlers work just on a new stage-show with their visual team Laqua-Trende which we could quite soberly and carefully circumscribeas “unconventional” or “whooooohoooo” – in autumn you will know more. And as if this would not be enough of work, the new songs have just been preproduced and rehearsed extremely, because in summer they want to record and in autumn, finally, there is the first longplayer of THE SEASON STANDARD. I pee my pants…

Discorporate needs your help

Discorporate Records is new in the thicket of this perishable business. The times are bad, the music is difficult, to place it in the stupid radio world (let’s not even talk about television) and all those Vanity-Fairs… we are aware of that. Still: We are searching for a European-wide distribution and a booking agency. You stumbled on this site, youare courageous and not immediately had to puke? Interests go to Info. Thank you and now: continue!
Finally: Mind the butterflies, soon to come!

Hi there

Friends, acquaintances and strangers: The Discorporate collective is online! Tata.
You may rummage and take a look around what our press department operating in the subsoil releases as mega-important information for the people out there. Of course more and more content will decorate this side from time to time. Link our site if you want, come back and stop by, because beside infos, music and sundry news, nice things and all kinds of obscurities shall be seen here at regular intervals.