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“Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line” will be released November 18th 2008 in the USA via our friends of Unsung Records (Ryko Distribution / Warner Music). Release dates for the rest of Europe and Japan coming soon…

The booking for the TSS-Winter-Tour is almost complete. The four guys will do some shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with an amazing visual-show and with the help of SCHNAAK (in January) and ZARBOTH (in France). Be there!

Take a look at the new homepage of The Season Standard:


After the release of the “Galao EP” we heard not much of the Club. Christoph’s been in Shanghai to have some solo-gigs over there, Christopher has been seen last in Moldova and Zonnhaider-Founder Martin is involved in several other projects. That is called “creative intermission”, yes.


The two twins Mathias and Johannes schedule the release of their Debut-EP “Wo gefischt wird, da sind auch Möwen” (Live in Berlin) for early 2009, followed by tours in Europe and the USA later next year. Before that they join THE SEASON STANDARD on their Winter-Tour in January.


Like THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB also Tarentatec are going to have a little break. Due to reasons like studies, other projects and creativity the founding member of Discorporate will take a rest until next spring. In a complete new lineup and with new songs the guys are preparing a little tour in 2009 and also the recording of another longplayer.