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The Path to Gilbathin

Good things come to those who wait.
Since many years this children’s tale was growing in the head of Martin Ketelhut. Fragments and little pieces of this moving story about the two brothers Elias and Gilbathin are to be found in every little inch of every little Zonnhaider’s Club song.

It’s always been the dream of Martin to bring the pieces together and with the help of friends (amongst others the paintress Katharina Sieg and bandmate Christoph Höfferl) he finally realized “The Path To New Gilbathin”. Produced and directed by Martin Ketelhut at Bauhaus-University Weimar for Experimental Radio.

You can hear the radio play on the Gilbathin homepage:

Although “The Path To New Gilbathin” is in english (spoken by Germans… even kids who don’t speak english), you have the opportunity to watch it with German subtitles.

In addition to the radio play The Zonnhaider’s Club is about to record “Gilbathin’s Opera“, an album of 10 songs that refer to the radio play’s story and moods. These songs are sung by the protagonists Elias (Christopher Schön) and Gilbathin (Cornelius Ochs, themselves.
“Gilbathin’s Opera” will be released in 2010 at Discorporate Records, featuring the paintings of Katharina Sieg and the music of Martin Ketelhut.

Welcome aboard: DEAD WESTERN

Dead Western

We open a new chapter of this crazy adventure called Discorporate. Sometimes coincidents make this world a brighter place.Not even two weeks ago our dear friend Jon Pfeffer (Capillary Action) wrote me a mail expressing his admiration for this guy from Sacramento, California.
I probably can’t express this moment when I saw this live-video of Dead Western. It was a mixture of numbness, trance, anxiety and pure rapture. The atmosphere and voice of Troy Mighty transport something I’ve never heard before, but in the same time speaks a language that we understand or at least pretend to understand very clear. Freedom to Chaos?

Therefore Discorporate, a label that seems to be devoted to Noise, Math and Jazz, is endlessly happy to announce the signing of this intense American band that you could describe as “Deep dark psychedelic folk”. Troy – the singer, songwriter and mastermind behind Dead Western – was such a sweetheart from the beginning of our contact. He seems to share the same visions, the same strange balance between despair and hope, melancholy and joy, sensitivity and strength… it feels like meeting an old friend from another world.

„Soften Your Screams Into Sings“ is the name of the latest record of Dead Western. This pretty much gives the idea of what it’s all about. Troy Mighty has already recorded a new full-length record with the help of Kevin Corcoran (percussion), Caley Monahon-Ward of “Extra Life” (violin) and Jesse Phillips (bass guitar). This record will be released by Discorporate in Spring 2010 under the name “Suckle at the Supple Teats of Time”. We had the pleasure to prelisten the new songs… no doubt: This is something special. In the same period we already plan some touring in the Old World, to be announced soon.

For further mind-enhancement go to Dead Western at MySpace