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Welcome aboard: DON VITO


We are happy to give ourselves an early Christmas gift. Don Vito, the noiserock-thunderstorm from Leipzig, and Discorporate join forces.
Right in the midst of their China-Tour (!!!) they contacted us (while we were in the United States… god bless the globalization) and after taking a sip of water and breathing some fresh air, we said “Hell, yes!!!”.

In April 2010 Discorporate will release their new longplayer “IV” with ten new songs in a 180gms 12” vinyl (incl. a CD of the songs).
Believe us, you’ll be blown away by the sheer vehemence and conciseness of these pieces.

“It’s like getting a beating from a ball lightning.”
Upsetter Magazine

Some of you may have to check them out in case you haven’t been a witness/victim of their astonishing live shows: DON VITO at MySpace

ROKKO takes the gloves off


You might have recognized that we offer the fabulous Austrian magazine ROKKO’S ADVENTURES in our shop for cheap.
Until not every kiosk in Europe has this in stock (at least in Austria it’s available everywhere now… congrats!), we continue. ROKKO has released two new issues. The first one is a special issue in english language that focuses on one band: THE MELVINS. Rokko wrote his thesis in musicology about them and the issue is filled with lots of interesting information, interviews and theories.

The second one is Rokko’s Adventures No. 6, including a fine cd-sampler of the amazing label/collective KNERTZ from West Germany. It also features a superb poster of the Austrian band BUL BUL and lots of articles, reviews and stories about music, arts, science, animals and blablablubbs.

Get them in our shop, don’t waste your time reading blogs or these “news”.

Check it out:

Btw: I know, I say “amazing” far too often…

New DŸSE-page

After 6 weeks of touring Europe and after the release of a new longplayer on Exile On Mainstream, Jari and André don’t think about taking a break.
They have launched a new homepage (yeah, there is more than MySpace out there) with lots of infos and stuff you might find interesting.
Apart from that they already have plans for 2010, including a Scandinavian and Eastern Europe Tour… and the release of a new Discorporate-special-5″ with two new songs.
The amazing show of DŸSE and SCHNAAK in Jena (Kassablanca, Dec 4th) was recorded by Mureis Industries with 6 cameras and you can expect a release in 2010 too.


Discorporate is happy to run the Truckstage at ZAPPANALE next year again. Confirmed bands so far are: ZA! (Barcelona), CAPILLARY ACTION (New York), BUL BUL (Vienna), OSIS KRULL (Osis Krull), JONNY’N & THE COSMIC ROLLERCOASTER (Berlin, feat. Grinni), TARENTATEC play AUFRICHTIGES ZAPPA (Dresden) and CABALLERO REYNALDO (Valencia).
ZAPPANALE (new homepage)


SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM FESTIVAL. September 3rd-4th 2010.

Jon Pfeffer’s “LICORICE” + Skeletons-Big-Band in New York

This sunday December 6th those people who are fortunate to live in NEW YORK CITY have the opportunity to witness a very special night.

Capillary Action’s trombone whiz Sam Kulik is curating The Stone (this is the club of a guy named JOHN ZORN) for the first half of December.
Sam graciously invited Capillary Action‘s mastermind Jonathan Pfeffer to take part in the festivities. Since they will share the bill with the amazing (!!!) SKELETON$ in their big band format, Jon thought he’d cook up something special for the occasion as well.

So, Jon is premiering the first two sections from a new large ensemble piece LICORICE for piano, accordion, contrabass, hammered dulcimer, two violins, cello, trombone, trumpet, two flutes, oboe, tenor sax, two alto voices, one tenor and two percussionists that night. In addition to a few familiar Cap-Action faces (Spencer, Sam and Ricardo), there are some amazing musicians taking part in the “LICORICE”-performance:

Mike Gallope- Piano, Accordion
Spencer Russell- Contrabass
Jeff Young- Violin
Rebecca Schlappich- Violin
Caleigh Drane- Cello
Max Zbiral-Teller- Hammered Dulcimer
Sam Kulik- Trombone
Tim Byrnes- Trumpet
Zachary Crystal- Percussion
Ricardo Lagomasino- Percussion
Leah Paul- Flute
Martha Cargo- Flute
Johnny Butler- Tenor Sax
Karisa Werdon- Oboe
Danielle Khulmann- Alto Voice
Nicole Rallis- Alto Voice
TBA- Tenor Voice

Sunday, December 6th
@ The Stone –
Corner of Ave C and 2nd Street
10pm / All Ages / $10

This special show will be recorded, no worries.
There are some vague plans to release “LICORICE” in the future. Maybe a nice EP. Who knows?