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CAPILLARY ACTION “So Embarrassing” out now!

Capillary Action So embarrassing

Today marks the release of the first Discorporate-record from these supertalented maniacs from New York City. “So Embarrassing”, Capillary Action’s third album, is a genre-transcender that will blow you away as much as it’ll will leave you blessed and joyful. 11 masterpieces and an army of crazy musicians (incl. a string-, percussion- and brass-section) guide you through the celestial compositions of Jonathan Pfeffer.

The eastcoast of the United States has become the home and headquarter of a fascinating young scene of supernatural bands and personalities. Capillary Action is not only one of them, together with bands like The Dirty Projectors, Pattern Is Movement, Extra Life or Icy Demons they are the spearhead of this movement.

Capillary Action are still on a 3-month-tour through Europe (where people slowly become aware of this sensational movement) in an acoustic-quintet, with first Germany-shows in mid-May, and after coming back they immediately tour the states with Les Claypool (Primus).

Get a copy of “So Embarrassing” (our nomination for “Album of the Year – worldwide”) at our shop, your local dealer or at an amazing live-show of them Capillaries.