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Welcome aboard: CAPILLARY ACTION

Capillary Action

People, you can’t believe how much joy and enthusiasm flew through the Discorporate-headquarters the last days.
We are extremely proud and challenged to sign US-Band CAPILLARY ACTION and release their music in Europe. This breathtaking group (based in Philadelphia and New York) released two acclaimed and complety different records so far and plays with an ever-rotating cast of characters. The only constant, Mastermind Jonathan Pfeffer, is 22 years (!) old… but he already composes some of the most stimulating music in contemporary experimental rock: Free Jazz horns and Brazilian rhythms intersect with sweetly crooned vocals and the ferocity of a raging rockband.
The band has toured endlessly the last two years, mainly through the USA and Europe, playing over 300 shows alongside Shudder To Think, Joe Lally (Fugazi), Ruins, Dos, Daughters and 31Knots.
Expect the release of their third masterpiece “So Embarrassing”, followed by a three-month-Europe-Tour, in Spring 2009. And now… CHECK THEM OUT and FALL TO YOUR KNEES -> CLICK!