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TARENTATEC + OSIS KRULL – The Candy and Springtime Experience (SPLIT-CD Release May 16th 2008 on Discorporate)


And here we go further into the Discorporate-release-blast!
In precisely one month a Split-CD hits the market – this might be the soundtrack of our small world.
TARENTATEC and their unequal twins OSIS KRULL have got together, hanging around with lots of friends and making music. The result is a fully packed (more than 78 minutes!) Split-CD fraught with superlatives. Five Tarentatec songs, Five Osis Krull songs and a heap of playful fragments are to be heard on THE CANDY AND SPRINGTIME EXPERIENCE.
More spirit, more variety and more love to music is simply not possible.
18 songs were recorded, a 8-piece booklet supplies you with visual information about the fuckheads and the Special Edition (strictly limited!) contains a Video-CD with live concerts, outtakes and videos from the life of the Discorporate collective. This CD is a must!

For 10€ you can preorder the Split-CD of the millennium HERE. First impressions to be heard here and here.

The Candy and Springtime Tour:

14.05.2008 – DRESDEN – Puschkin (Release-Gig!!!)
15.05.2008 – MERSEBURG – Wecker
16.05.2008 – JENA – Caleidospheres
17.05.2008 – POTSDAM – Lindenpark Festival
18.05.2008 – BERLIN – Red Rooster
19.05.2008 – GOTHA – Londoner
20.05.2008 – ERFURT – Woodstock Recordstore
21.05.2008 – PRAGUE (CZ) – Bunkr Parukarka
23.05.2008 – WUPPERTAL – Station 77
24.05.2008 – ILMENAU – Café Bohne

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THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB – GALAO EP (Out May 3rd 2008 on Discorporate)


Our tender darlings of THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB put the beginning in the Discorporate-spring-offensive. Growing from a duet to a quartet, they impressively are giving their flood of ideas a garment with this beautiful Mini-CD.
5 (in length as well as in claim) radiounsuitable songs accommodates the GALAO EP and already the first tones pull the listener in that world which he had to leave at the end of “The Forthcoming Spring”. Wonderful pop music between electroacoustics, jazz and indie. Playful and unwieldy jewels. Sometimes sanguine and naive, sometimes also meager, melancholy and gloomily. That the elegant dreariness of the debut album is enriched now by two musicians is to be recognized clearly. More colorfully and more courageously THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB does what he does.

The GALAO EP is now available (one month before release) as a PREORDER in our shop. First impressions on the music HERE.

The next shows:

03.05.2008 – JENA – Glashaus (Record-Release-Gig)
06.06.2008 – JENA – Caleidospheres
29.08.2008 – LAUSITZ – Transnaturale Festival