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THE FORTHCOMING SPRING out now! Discorporate Records Shop online!

For the insignificant sum of 12€ you will get the magnificent debut album from THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB as of today in our online shop. Since the shop is still quite a maiden we can yet only offer you cash in advance (money transfer) or the use of PayPal (unbelievable easy and safe) as means of payment.
Let us please take the chance to remind you that so far there have been thoroughly breathtaking reactions only. Be it radio or press, everybody is anticipating Discorporate’s first release. That made us proud and holds support for the things to come to our still straightforward kind of label… and be assured: We have a great deal of plans!


Two of our bands will be featured on the tracklist of the new Dooload-Sampler presented by skate magazine TITUS. The first 50 online buyers of our new release THE FORTHCOMING SPRING (release date this friday) will get one for free along with their shipment.
Isn’t that a malicious tempting offer?

THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB Record Release in Weimar

This Friday, June 22nd, the Record-Release-Party of THE FORTHCOMING SPRING will take place at the “Galerie Eigenheim” in Weimar. In a close and cuddly atmosphere THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB will perform with their new trio formation .



Planting the „electronic basement“ Christoph Höfferl aka Bogdan/Hoever fits in perfectly and will provide an electronically thick garment. Welcome to the circus!
For we are only missing a brass ensemble, a hand full of gospel singers and some fine dancers to complete THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB big band.
From now on THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB will also be performing in this triple formation.

Two sweet mailorder distributors attend to „The Forthcoming Spring“

“Grau” mailorder selling and the fabulous mailorder department of Glitterhouse Records will be offering THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB debut, to be released on june 22nd. Actually no reason to get all excited. However, we want to use this chance to promote their excellent repository for music “far off of everything”. “Grau” is specialized on dull, morbide tone art, stretching from Ambient across Ulver just until blackmetal-ish. Glitterhouse rather attends the fine Americana and Indy universe and contains almost every imaginable variety. Go grub’n'grab.
Certainly, the CD will be available at our online store and at all the other familiar dealers.