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OSIS KRULL have a guitar-player

Yes yes… Christian Buchmann, accidental guitarist of Subjazzed-Strongrock-Outfit OSIS KRULL, actually plays classical guitar. This strange dude just finished his exams in “Guitar Worldmusic” and on YouTube you can watch some videos of his amazing stuff: WATCH HERBERT HALL!

By the way… the next live dates of Osis Krull:
Nov28 – WUPPERTAL (U-Club)
Nov29 – ESSEN (Panic Room)
Dec05 – LEIPZIG (Four Rooms)
Jan31 – LEIPZIG (G16)

Welcome aboard: ZARBOTH


Discorporate Records is happy to announce the signing of French band ZARBOTH. Actually a project of our dear friend Etienne Gaillochet (of We Insist!) with Phil Reptil (of Osteti), this Paris-based duo is going to settle down in our cosy shelter for the weird and wicked.
ZARBOTH’s plans include the release of a Debut-CD in 2009 (in cooperation with Exile On Mainstream Records) and some touring of course. You’ll have the opportunity to see their “maiden voyage” in January 2009, when they support The Season Standard and Schnaak live in France. Be prepared and check them out here.