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ZARBOTH out now


The invasion of the mad Frenchman! As of today our catalogue will be enriched by a CD of two musicians from Paris, going by the name of Zarboth.
ZARBOTH: It’s a free-noise-metal-jazz mix of whatever; it’s whenever; it’s cities, fields, rain, shoes, sun, water, laughter, east, yeast, night, love, Paris, German beer, cigarettes from anywhere; everywhere; friends, and from Pantera to Bill Frisell then beyond… Yes, dear people! Another crazy duo and a HELLA lot of fun!
Get a grab on that fantastic debut now at our Shop, your local dealer or live-shows of Zarboth and/or WeInsist!

SHOP: Rokko’s Adventures / Preorders

Now available in the sweet, tiny and strictly commercial Discorporate-Shop:
This Fanzine from Vienna with the subtitle “Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen” is packed with stories about music culture (focus on noise/avantgarde), literature, science, modern art and lots of edgy stuff. Rokko’s Adventures is simply the best unordinary magazine that we know – excellent writing, black humor and a brave DIY-spirit – you can get it for peanuts in our shop. Rokko’s Homepage

Apart from this, you can now preorder the two new splendid Discorporate-releases at the Shop:

ZARBOTH – Zarboth (February 27th)
CAPILLARY ACTION – So Embarrassing (May 1st)

More on the new releases soon…