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New (old) Discorporate-artist!: SCHNAAK

We are proud to announce the signing of a new family-member:
SCHNAAK has reached us by night. Evolved from a foggy crackpot-idea, Johannes Döpping (Tarentatec, Osis Krull) and Mathias Jähnig (The Season Standard) join forces to create a monstrous noise-duo. In just a few days last week the two have recorded (in a beautiful crappy way) 5 songs in a muddy rehearsal-room in Dresden. Even if the actual idea was to jam a bit together to have some variation from their main-bands, you may reckon on an EP this year, as well as several live-activities.
Get ready for a riff’n’break-inferno!


Changes in the Z-Club

With Maria Schwerdtner the fourth official bandmember gets into the vehicle of THE ZONNHAIDER’S CLUB – the first feminine member of the Discorporate-Squad! We are very pleased – she’ll give the Club yet another dimension, providing vocals, bass and other instruments.
Apart from that the four work on their upcoming EP, to be released in May. Also first touches on the big big project for 2009 (Audiobook + CD) has been made. We are looking forward with anticipation to what will happen.