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ZAPPANALE FESTIVAL – Discorporate Invasion

From August 12th-16th this lovely festival, dedicated to the work and art of Frank Zappa and located at the beautiful Baltic Sea, has to deal with an invasion of Discorporate Freaks.
…Schnaak, The Season Standard, Zarboth, Tarentatec, The Zonnhaider’s Club, Osis Krull and Gnarled Bikers. We are happy to host our friends Mukra, Beagl Vieh, Christian Buchmann, Tonlast and many more on our stage as well.
The mainstage will feature some interesting acts as well: WeInsist (yay!!!), Terry Bozzio, Gong, Sebkha Chott, Project/Object and The Grandmothers for example.

DŸSE – New Album / Tour / Metall

After the two guys have betrayed EXILE ON MAINSTREAM RECORDS with a badass 5”-release at Discorporate, DŸSE finally release their second longplayer on their mothership.

“Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution” will be released October 9th 2009 on Exile On Mainstream / Southern Records. We had the pleasure to prelisten the stuff… and guess what: It’s amazing, thrilling and funny at the same time.
But as betrayal never ends, we already got plans for another 5”-release, to come in 2010. It’ll be called “Metall” and it’s gonna suck, as usual.

DŸSE will promote “Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution” with a big Europe-Tour:

08.10. GER Osnabrück, Bastard Skate Hall WTR Festival (w/ Celan, Ulme)
09.10. NL Eindhoven, Dynamo Club WTR Festival (w/ Celan, Ulme)
10.10. GER Leipzig, Conne Island WTR Festival (w/ Celan, Ulme)
11.10. GER Berlin, Lido WTR Festival (w/ Celan, Ulme)
23.10. GER Dresden, Beatpol (Record Release w/ Mukra)
24.10. GER Fürth, Kunstkeller
25.10. CZ Prag , KRH Festival
26.10. CZ Brno, Yacht Club
27.10. AUT Wien, Rhiz
28.10. AUT Graz, Postgarage
29.10. CRO Zagreb, Spunk
30.10. SLO Murska Sobota, MIKK
31.10. AUT Linz, Stadtwerkstatt
01.11. GER München, tba.
02.11. ITA Bologna, Lazzaretto
03.11. CH Düdingen, Cafe Bad Bonn
04.11. CH Winterthur, Gaswerk
05.11. GER Stuttgart, Kap Tormentoso
06.11. GER Dortmund, VISIONS PARTY
08.11. GER Frankfurt, Elfer

The second part of this tour features SCHNAAK as support act. Immediately after their US-Tour with Many Arms, they will unite with DŸSE for their “World Championship Tour Pt. III”:

19.11. GER Potsdam, Black Fleck
20.11. GER Rostock, JAZ
21.11. GER Hamburg, Hafenklang
22.11. NL Den Helder, DeBliksem
23.11. BEL Gent, Frontline
24.11. BEL Namur, La Belvedere
25.11. NL Amsterdam, Winston
26.11. BENELUX, tba
27.11. NL Tilburg, 013
28.11. FR Paris, Le Nouveau Casino
29.11. FR Chalon Sur Saone, Lapeniche
30.11. FR/GER, tba
01.12. GER Duisburg, Steinbruch
02.12. GER Hannover, Faust
03.12. GER Bayreuth, Glashaus
04.12. GER Jena, Kassablanca
05.12. GER Berlin,  Schokoladen

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