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Welcome aboard: DŸSE


Oh my god! What can we say…
German Noisecore-Duo No. 1 just signed to Discorporate.
DŸSE, probably the best live band in the world, is a phenomenon in the scene for years now. Just with drums, guitar and their voices those two folks from Jena (Jari, formerly in Rodeo Queen) and Chemnitz (André, formerly in Volt) transmute every venue into a drop of sweat within seconds. An unbelievable amount of energy and fun on stage… and simply the most stunning exposure of the ABC in twisted Noisecore.
We are extremely happy to work with DŸSE as we are big fans of them and became friends immediately. Expect the release of very special items in Spring 2009.
You don’t know DŸSE? Haha, well -> CLICK!

[IMPORTANT NOTE: DŸSE still releases major outputs with our friends and partners of Exile On Mainstream Records. There was no coup or betrayal! Discorporate "just" releases special things like Vinyl or DVD.]