“women on ships are bad luck” (CD)
June 5th 2009

women on ships are bad luck

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01. ontobear
02. wira
03. shan the rough african
04. mit sanftheit beseelt
05. roly poly blissdeer

smash the drum-bucket-afro kit and play the guitar.
5 days in the boomy room… with my favorite pet

To have some variety from their main-projects Mathias Jähnig (The Season Standard) and Johannes Döpping (Tarentatec, Osis Krull) joined forces for a week, after 5 days in the “boomy room” they crafted 5 amazing songs.

It was very obvious that the first Schnaak-EP has to be recorded live in front of an audience, so they decided to record two Berlin-shows on tape. So they did… and “women on ships are bad luck” is the result. For the first time with some vocals and sound-manipulations, but still incredibly rough and direct.

Schnaak play unique Experimental Noiserock – with a weird blend of funny Jazz-licks, strange African rhythms and an incredibly tight Hardcore-energy… two-piece-madness somewhere between Hella, Captain Beefheart, Battles and Sun Ra.

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