BUKE AND GASE unveil album art & title track for “General Dome” via Pitchfork
+ free Mp3 via VICE

With “General Dome” hitting stores in February 2013, it’s time for some reveals. And hell, there are much reveals to come. Let’s start with a simple thing… the cover artwork. We fear in this case it won’t be that easy. Here’s what Buke and Gase have to say about it:

“Arone was inspired by a Sol LeWitt exhibition at Dia Beacon, and we started brainstorming about coded imagery. We decided to build a system of images that would dictate the direction of the artwork which lead us to creating a new alphabet we could write with. Kind of the way we make music, I suppose. We built a graphical alphabet that the artwork is made of, the code of which will be available on our website once it’s released. There are more coded images like this throughout the packaging.”

Next step… gifts, gifts, gifts! We want you to be happy, so here’s that great first single “Hiccup” ready for download. Put it in your stereo and tell the neighbours about this amazing band.

PITCHFORK has named this song “Best New Track” a while ago,
now VICE MAGAZINE gives it away for free. Read here – noisey.vice.com/de/blog/buke-and-gase-hiccup-download:

Our friends from Brassland, the US label of Arone and Aron, have provided a stream with the title track “General Dome” in the meantime. You might want to check out the drastic-drumrolling-song here or read what Pitchfork has to say about this – pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/14593-general-dome/

There are more reveals to come, so stay awake.
Happy Thanksgi… wait, we’re in Europe. We don’t celebrate!


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